Bare Nude™️ Nipple Pads

IDR 250.000
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What makes The Nude Co. nipple covers different from the others?

1. Our inclusive range of 4 different nude skin-tones ( Seashell, Rosé, Cleopatra, Cocoa ).

2. Bigger Size 8 cm ( fits A - D ).

3. BareNude Tech : Luxury Silicone made for comfort and invisible coverage.

4. Confident Coverage : Specially formulated adhesive provides all day protection.

5. Skin Safe : Highest quality hypoallergenic medical grade silicone. Tested for sensitive skin.

6. Ultimate Thin Edges : No ridges, no bumps guarantee, blends flawlessly with skin.

7. Runway Proof : Unique matte finish won’t reflect light or camera flashes.

8. EasyCare : Silicone and specially formulated adhesive is washable and reuseable ( up to 30x with proper care ).

How to Use :
Apply BareNude to clean and dry skin (no lotions and oils). Apply directly on, starting at the middle, then press firmly out to release any air underneath to form a secure suction. Hold for a few seconds as body heat will help keep BareNude in place. Once finished, place BareNude on supplied tray. This helps maintain the shape and curve. We recommend not to wear for more than 6-8 hours per time.

How to Clean :
Wash by hand with mild soap and water to remove oils and residue. Do not use harsh cleaners, alcohol, or machine wash. Leave to air dry adhesive side up. When dry, place in supplied case. BareNude is washable and reusable up to 20-30 times if properly cared for.


Hand-wash with cold water and a gentle detergent.
Washing on cold preserves the life of your garments and helps your clothes live a little longer.


With respect to the color fastness, chlorine and oxygen bleaching are NOT recommended.

Tumbler drying is NOT recommended.

Ironing is possible using low or medium temperatures (steamer is recommended)

Normal dry cleaning processing is possible.

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