Biodegradable, compostable, and created through an environmentally-responsible closed-loop production process, The fabric made from TENCEL™️ fibers for all NOVERE lifewear pieces is soft to the touch but ultra-hearty.

For every adventure ahead of you, from the short excursion to the grand escape, NOVERE lifewear is the apparel brand that is good for the body and good for the soul. Wear it as a reminder of how deeply important this planet we all call home is.

NOVERE lifewear , designed to last.

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Chai Kue ShirtChai Kue Shirt

Chai Kue Shirt

IDR 688.000
Roetin DressRoetin Dress
Sold out

Roetin Dress

IDR 628.000
Roetin Crop TankRoetin Crop Tank
Sold out

Roetin Crop Tank

IDR 428.000
Roetin PantsRoetin Pants
Sold out

Roetin Pants

IDR 558.000
Roetin OuterRoetin Outer
Sold out

Roetin Outer

IDR 588.000
Roetin Scallop ShortsRoetin Scallop Shorts
Sold out
Roetin Scallop ShirtRoetin Scallop Shirt
Sold out
AFS Anagram TopAFS Anagram Top

AFS Anagram Top

IDR 458.000
ONE PantsONE Pants

ONE Pants

IDR 588.000
ONE Tank TopONE Tank Top

ONE Tank Top

IDR 428.000
ONE BlazerONE Blazer

ONE Blazer

IDR 688.000
STR paneled skirtSTR paneled skirt
Sold out

STR paneled skirt

IDR 458.000
STR bandeau topSTR bandeau top

STR bandeau top

IDR 338.000
STR puff dressSTR puff dress

STR puff dress

IDR 598.000
STR embroidery crop topSTR embroidery crop top
Sold out
BBW high neck topBBW high neck top

BBW high neck top

IDR 448.000
BBW collar topBBW collar top

BBW collar top

IDR 448.000
BBW ruffle v topBBW ruffle v top

BBW ruffle v top

IDR 448.000
BBW shirtBBW shirt

BBW shirt

IDR 448.000


IDR 388.000